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Welcome to my blog!! So glad you stopped by. This is where i post my latest work and projects i have been working on. Feel free to email me for information on a photo session!!

siblings | lasalle family photographer

October 3rd, 2013

Spent the afternoon last weekend with 2 great kids!!! really great kids! They were so excited to have me come and spend some time at their home and document their afternoon. We had a great time!!! Even got mom and dad in a few pictures!

Can’t forget the puppy!!!

Praying for PIp..happy soul project | windsor family photographer

August 30th, 2013

I have a friend her name is Laura. She’s awesome! She’s not a childhood i met her when our first born daughters were in kindergarten. We were on a field trip she was pregnant with her youngest son and i had just given birth to mine. I liked her instantly and new we would be friends. She’s one of those people you just have to like. after a couple years of being “aquaintance friends” we became “i have to message laura every day friends”.

So Laura has a friend.. her name is Tara.. she’s pretty awesome too.. She is laura’s childhood friend…her “bestie”. Tara had a blog were she would try stuff from pinterest and blog about it. That was my introduction to tara through that blog. But one day tara gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl..”pip” as she is fondly called. Shortly after her birth Pip was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. And Tara’s life and focused changed and so did her blog, Happy Soul Project, and it now documents her adventure as a mom with her two lovely children the good and the bad the triumph and heartache. I follow her blog and prayed for her daughter through her surgeries and speedy recoveries. Tara has such a positive outlook on life and daily finds things shes thankful for and posts then to her facebook page.  well I heard they were going to be in town for a few days and just had to reach out and see if she would be interested in some fun pictures of her loving on her kids. If you’ve ever been on tara’s blog then you know she loves taking pictures of her “hooligans” as she calls them.

this might be my wordiest blog post ever.. i’ve been wanting to post these images but summer with the kids has taken over my life these last 2 months.. but today sweet littel pip is having she is on my mind and in my prayers and i had to make some time to get this post up.. I know her mom and dad would just love some extra prayers going up on her behalf. so enjoy these pictures and pray for pip, pray for her doctors, pray for her nervous mom and dad…

beloved | lasalle newborn photographer

July 25th, 2013

Prepare yourselves for a lot of images!!! This isn’t a normal newborn session for me. Instead of doing a gallery of posed pictures i wanted to capture this family in their home caring and loving on their new little baby girl. I have to say i have fallen in love with so many of these images..this is something i definitely would love to do more often!

This baby girl is so sweet…and her parents are just so in love with her!!!

little chick|Lasalle newborn photographer

July 15th, 2013

I had the pleasure of photographing.. another beautiful newborn. Another beautiful newborn GIRL. Where are all the boys?? This little beauty was just under 3 weeks old and was such a dream to photograph. A well lit, warm room + a full and sleepy baby make for some wonderful images!!

summer time

July 12th, 2013

Well we are almost 2 weeks into summer and it’s been a busy..we’ve already been up to my family’s cottage and then spent the weekend in niagra falls for my daughter’s baseball tournament where they took home the silver medal!!! normally when we go to the cottage i pack some nice outfits for the kids and sneak in a photo session.. well i totally forgot to look for outfits this year. i found myself up there in some beautiful summer light with lovely wild flowers everywhere and nothing for the kids to wear. well we went for it anyways..the kids were all fishing and i pulled them away for 5 minutes to get a couple pictures. We had gone into town earlier in the day so the kids were wearing pretty nice “play” clothes.

my babies are growing up too fast.. my daughter just had her 10th birthday…double digits i can’t believe it!!!

brothers | lasalle family photographer

June 21st, 2013

Had a great time photographing these two brothers!! You never know how little ones are going to react to getting their pictures taken. I have to admit i was a bit nervous with how young they were.. things can go bad fast… but these boys were perfect! such well behaved, good natured little guys!


May 25th, 2013

what a sweet sweet baby girl i got to snuggle up to a couple weeks ago!!! A childhood friend and her hubby welcome this adorable baby girl into their family..making their other daughter a big sister!  she has such delicate features and looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping.

life story series | museum of nature

April 26th, 2013

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let’s hear it for the girls | lasalle family photographer

April 1st, 2013

I just can’t believe i didn’t blog this session when it happened. This is one of my favorite sessions from fall last year but i was sooo busy and a few sessions just didn’t make it to my blog. so now i’m catching up. These three girls have so much personality i never know what they are going to do or say.. and they have grown so much since i first met them.

life story series | day of champs

March 29th, 2013

the life story series continues!!!! If you don’t know what life story series is you can read about it here.

Well it finally came.. hockey’s final day!  the day of champions!! Where all the future hockey stars get to play one last game and receive their coveted trophy!!!  It’s always a fun day for the kids and for the parents and families.  There is always a large crowd cheering on the kids!!

So here is a peek into both of my boys day of champions!! i have more pictures of my younger son.. my older son’s team made it into the finals and it was a bit of a nail biter… unfortunately they lost their game.. but it was still all smiles when they got their runners up trophy.   They also gave the trophies on the ice since it was the finals.

up next for these boys is a summer of baseball!!!

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